Showplace Cabinetry

Showplace Cabinetry is a semi-custom cabinet line manufactured by Showplace Wood Products in Harrisburg, South Dakota.  Showplace Cabinetry features a face frame construction, available in both Inset as well as Overlay construction.  Their versatility in sizes at a semi-custom price point makes them a great buy as an affordable luxury product.


Showplace EVO

Launched in 2015, Showplace EVO is the frameless cabinet line by Showplace Wood Products.  Located just a couple hundred yards from the main Showplace facilities, the brand new EVO plant features a 60,000 sqft building with many of the latest and greatest equipment available today.  As a frameless (aka full-access) product line, EVO cabinets enjoy the benefits of extra storage space and offers more of a contemporary styling with more of a “flushed look” with doors spaced just 1/8″ apart.


Sollera Fine Cabinetry

Made in Canada, Sollera features a European cabinet construction with green cabinet construction options. Their nature of frameless construction allows Sollera to be versatile in both traditional and modern designs.