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4 Main Cabinet Price Drivers

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Videos | Comments Off

Here, I have used a 7ft by 13ft L shape kitchen to illustrate how the cabinet price would double or even triple based on your selection of color/finish, door style, internal accessories, and overall design. The as-is version of these kitchen cabinets are roughly $14,000 (without installation). By changing the 4 variables mentioned, I can bring the cabinet costs down to the $4,500 price mark. Examples used are from KraftMaid Cabinetry, based on 2013...

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Quality Comparison

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Prices are all over the place with cabinets.  In this video, we showcase some of the quality differences among our three main product lines, and hopefully explain how they differentiate from each other.  The featured products are KraftMaid, Sollera, and Plato, both in stain, and in paint.

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How to Measure and Sketch a Floor Plan

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For planning, it is handy to start with a basic floor plan. This video will show you how to take basic measurements, and put it on a floor plan that you can take to your designer, contractor, and vendors. For related content, please see our posts on Typical Work Flow Procedure

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